Hardscape Maintenance - Paver Restoration - Cleaning and Sealing

Paver Surface Repair
Replace broken, sunken and uneven or non level areas. Drainage issues can be addressed at this time.
Repair any missing or broken paver restraint
Clean Paver Surface
Hot water pressure surface cleaning also removes enough joint sand for a clean fresh look.
Install new joint sand
Polymeric sand prevents weeds and ants, and comes in gray or tan colors.
Apply sealer
Sealers provide some color enhancement, and allow easier light cleaning with ordinary garden hose.
Update and or Add Hardscape Sitting Walls, Bench tops, Columns
Updating bench tops and column caps can add a new and updated look. Improvements in materials offer wider selection.
Remove - Install Proper Base - Reinstall
Before quote and repair. image of existing pavers before quote.

After pullup, installation of proper base and reinstall original pavers. image of pavers after restore.